Deliver in 5 Work days.
1) Three ultrasonic sensors for measuring distance from three directions.
2) A color sensor for line tracking.
3) An artificial intelligence camera with multiple programs, including face recognition, tag recognition, color recognition, object tracking, and line tracking.
4) An interactive screen for displaying the camera view.
5) A servo motor for steering to control the direction of the robot.
6) A differential mechanism to transfer power from one motor to two wheels.
7) A lightweight aluminum body.
8) A 12V rechargeable lithium battery.
9) A board compatible with Arduino.
10) A separate motor drive control.
11) Motors with a speed of 300 rpm.
12) Wide rubber wheel.

2,185.00 SR 2185.0 SAR 2,185.00 SR

1,900.00 SR

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